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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Different Classes of Fire Extinguishers?

Remember, not all extinguishers are created equal. Some extinguishers have only one hazard rating, while others have multiple hazard ratings.

An extinguisher with a Class A rating will extinguish ordinary combustibles, such as wood or paper. The numerical rating assigned to this hazard refers to the approximate square feet of a Class A fire that the extinguisher can potentially put out.

An extinguisher with a Class B rating should be used on fires involving flammable liquids, such as grease, gasoline, oil, etc. The numerical rating for this class of fire extinguishers states the approximate number of square feet of a flammable liquid fire that a non-expert person can expect to extinguish.

An extinguisher with a Class C rating indicates that the extinguishing agent is non-conductive, as the fire involves energized electrical components such as motors, transformers, and appliances.

Class D extinguishers are designed for use on flammable metals and are often specific to the type of metal in question. There is no designated symbol for Class D extinguishers. These extinguishers generally have no numerical rating, nor are they given a multi-purpose rating for use on other types of fires.

Class K extinguishers are primarily used for commercial kitchen fires involving cooking oils and greases such as animal fats and vegetable fats.

How Do I Use a Fire Extinguisher?

Use fire extinguishers only on small fires that are just starting to burn. Never turn your back to a fire. Keep a clear exit between you and the fire at all times, and use the appropriate extinguisher for the fire (i.e., Class A, Class B, etc.).

Follow the PASS Acronym.

P - Pull the pin. It is there to prevent accidental discharge.

A - Aim low at the base of the fire. That is where the fuel source is.

S - Squeeze the lever above the handle.

S - Sweep from side to side. Move toward the fire, aiming low at its base. Sweep until all flames are extinguished. Watch for re-ignition, and repeat as necessary. Have the site inspected by the fire department.

How to Use a Fire Extiguisher

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